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How to use Ariplay on Android & Airplay for Android alternatives

Airplay for Android

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Many people are familiar with Apple’s Airplay, the one app that turns all your Apple devices into one huge network. With Airplay, you can stream music or movies on a home network without having to fork out money to buy expensive internetworking tools.

However, since Android came into the picture, there has been stiff competition between these two smartphone operating systems. Additionally, Android users also wished that they could tap into some of the services that Apple offers and enjoy them. Sadly, Android runs only on smartphones, tablets, and some miniature laptops. The Airplay service is therefore only available on selected applications, and many of these apps enable you to stream music or videos from Apple devices.
Below are some of the apps that allow you to tap into the Airplay service.

AirBubble 300x200 Airplay for Android

This is more like Apple’s iPlayAudio Airplay. It is considered as one of the easy-to-use apps that can turn your Android device into a partial Apple device. It is easy to set up and it comes with helpful features such as the ability to boot on wake and the ability to run as a background service. In some cases, AirBubble may require a rooted Android device when using a tethered USB or Wi-Fi connection.

Twonky Beam 300x146 Airplay for Android

Twonky Beam
Just like AirBubble, Twonky Beam is a free app that has the ability to make your Android device to behave as an Apple device. The main difference between the two, however, is that Twonky Beam allows you to stream videos and music from your Android device to your Apple TV or any AirPlay-enabled speakers. Since it uses DLNA, it can support over 10,000 additional media devices. This means that you can use it for any other compatible device and not just an Apple product.

Remote for iTunes 300x146 Airplay for Android

Remote for iTunes
This is yet another AirPlay Android app that makes it easier to enjoy Apple services on your Android smartphone. Unlike AirBubble and Twonky Beam, Remote for iTunes acts pretty much like a remote controller for iTunes. It also gives you control over your Apple TV. You can thus control a bunch of your Apple branded devices without ever having to touch your PC or your Apple TV remote.

iMedia Share 300x146 Airplay for Android

iMedia Share
AirPlay Android is never juicy if you haven’t installed iMedia Share. It is packed with a bunch of the features that we’ve already looked at. However, what really sets it apart from the rest is the fact that you have the ability to access devices that are connected to a network and then stream using AirPlay to different media players. The full version of iMedia Share also allows you access to some HD channels which can also be streamed over AirPlay to your TV.

playto 300x146 Airplay for Android

PlayTo is great for Android smartphone users who want to enjoy the Airplay service but don’t want to spend a lot of money on the apps that we’ve already looked at. It is fully compatible with Apple’s Airplay and comes with basic features that will enable you to get familiar with the whole idea of streaming media from your Android device to other non-Android devices.

All in all, Android users aren’t completely locked out from Apple’s Airplay service. iMedia Share, Twonky Beam, AirBubble, and PlayTo are just some of the Airplay Android apps that can help Android users to enjoy the Airplay service. Though some of them are free to download, they do not necessarily incorporate fancy features which users would have otherwise enjoyed if they only owned Apple devices.

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